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BUG-Off! Volume 1, Issue 1: June 2020

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the first issue of our newsletter BUG-Off! It is a periodic publication, and with the involvement and contributions from you, the members, we hope it will evolve into a bi-monthly or even monthly publication in the not too distant future.

As you may have deduced from the name and feature article in this first edition, it intends to be thought provoking, at times casting aside political correctness and diplomacy, to deliberately stir the readers and elicit responses, perhaps for inclusion in future issues.

This is also and just as importantly, your newsletter. It needs the support and input of all the members to bring it to life and we encourage members to submit articles on matters of importance to them, interesting photos, anecdotal stories, questions and even good pest-related jokes. If any new and innovative products come to our attention, they will also be highlighted in the newsletter. Members who may have a product they wish to offer for sale to their colleagues can place advertisement/s and a feature story on their product.

Last but not least, the newsletter will serve as a conduit to keep you informed of what your Association is doing for you: upcoming training and events, lobbying of the Government, special projects, members’ benefits and much, much more. I hope we all enjoy this first issue and look forward to all your comments, both positive and negative, as that is the only way we can improve and create something that you will look forward to seeing in your inbox.

Take all precautions to stay safe in these infectious times.

Your Chairman,

Anthony Rostant


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