Survey – Making Vaccination Mandatory

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Notice, PMATT | 2 comments

Dear Members,

TTCSI has asked members to seek feedback from their respective stakeholders on the matter of making vaccination mandatory.

NOTE: This survey is not focused on whether you are pro-vaccine or not, but asks the very serious question of: “Should anyone be forced to take any medication against their will?”

Please complete the surbey below.

PMATT continues to successfully advocate on your behalf.

In the coming days, we will be reaching out to you more often to seek your feedback and participation as PMATT embarks on a series of initiatives aimed at developing our industry, and building opportunities for business expansion for all our members.


  1. Fazal Saidwan

    Although I am against the policy of making someone take medication against their will I am in total support in THIS situation of making the Covid19 vaccine mandatory. Although many reasons for and against can be argued it is my personal belief that a vaccinated person has a much greater chance of: 1 – surviving if becoming infected and
    2 – not spreading the virus.
    If one chooses not to be vaccinated then they should be made to have some type of identifying feature that would act as a warning so that responsible vaccinated persons will know ‘to keep away and to keep their distance’.
    At the end of the day I need to ensure of my well being.

  2. Ingram Bonaparte

    Under no circumstances should medicine be made mandatory, especially meds that are experimental.


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