PMATT Training Programme – Filling a Void

by | Mar 7, 2019 | Education and Training | 0 comments

PMATT launched its continuous training programme in January 2019 with the first in its Lunch & Learn series and will be staging its first intensive training course on the topic of The Fundamentals of Selling, on March 22nd, 29th & April 6th. Traditionally all the training offered to pest control operators in Trinidad and Tobago has always covered the same topics of pest identification, pest control measures, pesticide selection and application, etc. Seeing the void created by such a myopic view of the needs of the industry, PMATT decided that it was time to take a much wider approach to training. While PMATT intends to include such areas as occupational safety & health tailored specifically for pest control, risk assessment & mitigation, equipment care & maintenance, laws & regulation and much, much more, it has kicked off with sales.

Components included in the sales training are relationship selling, communication skills, proper pricing methods and managing of accounts to name a few, all vital for a successful operation. Feedback from the market and industry participants, have also pointed to a real need for development of these skills and PMATT is committed to provide for the needs of its members and the industry. PMATT’s mission is to raise the standards to create a structured industry that will ensure public and environmental safety, enhance the livelihoods of its members and increase our contribution to the national economy.

Once we have completed the sales training later this year, members can look forward to future courses on the many areas of importance to our businesses.

PMATT is working towards creating a complete, accredited, curriculum for pest control and associated services providers.


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