Introduction to Stairways & Ladders


This Introduction to Stairways & Ladders course will familiarize the learner with various types of ladders, ladder components, and stairways.  The learner will be able to understand the need for ladder and stairway safety, and be able to recognize ladder and stairway hazards, as well as the role of the competent person.

If not worked on with caution, stairways and ladders can be a dangerous source of accidents on a construction site.  This course will show you how to work on them safely.


Who Should Take This Course?

Anybody who works at height or uses stairways or ladders at work.

Topics Covered Include

  • Hazards
  • Length & Weight Restrictions
  • Ladder Labeling
  • Definitions
  • Ladder & Stairway Rules
  • Handrail Strength
  • Setup & Maintenance
  • Competent Person Duties